Eye Health

Contrary to popular belief, eyelash extensions should be washed everyday. Not cleansing daily will allow bacteria to grow, which can damage your natural lashes or cause an eye infection! Yikes! Always use clean hands and tools around your beautiful peepers to keep them healthy.

Before Appointment

Please come to your appointment with clean, makeup-free eyes. Avoid using creams and lotions before coming in as they can affect the integrity of

the glue. Also, please skip the tasty caffeinated drinks, twitchy eyelids make for crazy looking lashes.


Keep your lashes dry for the first 2 hours. Do not use a pool, spa, or sauna for the first 24 hours. Wash your lashes daily with the Lash Bath and rinse well with warm water. Gently pat dry with a towel and brush them with your mascara comb. Steer clear of cotton pads or Q-tips. Avoid pulling or rubbing your lashes. No Oil Products! Use only lash extension safe mascara that is water based and only apply to the tips of your lashes. Be sure to remove all traces of ​​make up with the Lash Bath.​